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What a start to 2023!

Fun and exciting things coming VERY soon! Tonight our first video on our new You-Tube channel will be released! We've been so busy at Prototypez and can't wait to share all of the highlights with you! Our first GAME NIGHT was a huge success, January 20, our interns, staff, volunteers and friends got together at Prototypez and had an evening of board games, bingo, puzzles, food and fun. The Interns have made such good friends and have become so close that sharing a Friday evening together was very rewarding. Then Saturday, some of our beauties were in the Special Cameo Cinderella Pageant in Las Vegas. The interns had hair and makeup done and wore pretty dresses as they proudly walked across the stage with confidence. Each one of our interns won a Princess Crown and two walked out with Queen titles. We're very proud!

FINALLY! Tonight we launch our You-Tube channel! The interns will learn by hands on experience filming, directing, light, sound, editing and marketing their channel. Our first interview will be with none other than the President and Founder of Prototypez, Thom! Make sure you subscribe and watch weekly for new episodes, we're sure you will love having a glimpse into what we do at Prototypez.

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