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Pride in their work...

Updated: May 23, 2022

Today we end one of our Prototypez Zoom Classes with the interns creating their final design for a new Prototypez T-Shirt. I’m so proud of Toni & Kayden for the enthusiasm and work they put into their class for the last couple of months. During the last few months, our interns have gained experience in filming events and editing, learned the ins and outs of blogging, web design, fitness and nutrition to the basics of Photoshop, design and even internet safety. Wow! Every step along the way has made us nothing but proud. Watching the progress weekly is what motivates us to do more. We know that the new Summer Classes will be another amazing example of what’s to come with Prototypez and the interns.

We want to also reach out and send thanks to everyone who has supported and helped us as we begin this journey. We are heading nowhere but up and excited to see where this summer and beyond takes Prototypez! Our new T-Shirt special edition (complete with autographs from our intern designers) will be finished today, but the learning and fun will continue. We will make sure to show you a small peek at the new shirts though. Again, we are so proud of our interns and can’t wait to see what amazing steps they take next. If you know someone that might be interested in becoming an intern, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We can’t exist without the help of our friends and sponsors and if you can or know someone interested in sponsorship, please contact us.

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