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Friday the 13th at the farm!!

What an amazing night we had with our interns, family and friends on 3 acres of Halloween fun. There was a huge turnout at the Friday the 13th party! Pumpkin carving, costumes, DJ, dancing, food, drinks and OF COURSE, the animals, some even in costumes of their own! Horses, goats, pigs, chickens, roosters and ducks! The farm was decorated in amazing Halloween decor that would rival any display in town. The best part of our gatherings is always spending good times with our family...we don't even call it family AND friends anymore because Prototypez and Therapy Blocks are a family, we passed the friends label a LONG time ago lol. The sounds of everyone chatting, singing and laughing together never gets old. Reconnecting with friends and making new ones is what our events are all about. Our Prototypez and Therapy Blocks family is such a blessing and we feel very lucky to be able to show you a little bit about the memories we make together!

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