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Fall and Veterans Day 2022

Updated: Nov 21, 2022

Our interns are so involved this year in various events and projects! We're so proud of them and everything they've accomplished. We've settled into our new location and are setting our sights on the upcoming holidays and 2023. The possibilities that lie ahead for our interns are endless.

During this time of year, please make sure to honor those who put everything on the line to preserve our freedoms. While we remember those who have given the ultimate sacrifice for the American way of life, lets not forget about the Veterans that struggle daily with physical disabilities, PTSD, health and emotional problems and ALWAYS remember that they need our support and understanding. Not just on Veterans Day, but every day. I read a beautiful quote that I will paraphrase here. The best way to thank a Veteran is to be the type of American worth fighting for.

New exciting announcements coming soon, we are growing and with that will be some amazing things to watch out for!

Photo of some of our interns at the DSOSN Buddy Walk 2022

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