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Being a parent!

Updated: May 23, 2022

This post goes out to the incredible parents of our interns, the staff of Prototypez who are parents and our supporters with children of their own. We have approx. 2 more weeks left in our summer camp, I was able to not only have a hands on opportunity to teach but to observe. Our interns have learned so much as young ladies and men just in the short time we’ve been able to work with them, there’s something else though. They’ve become a group, a circle of friends who enjoy spending time together. One of the obvious goals of Prototypez is to give tech and job skills that they will use moving forward as they choose their life and career paths. We’ve also had the pleasure to witness growth and learning in other ways that, in life, usually comes from a parent. They formed friendships and became a team, a family. Having the gift to do that always starts at home, at least I believe that. They laugh together, help each other out, support each others work and bond together to accomplish the projects and goals we’ve given them. They never fail to amaze us with the little unselfish gestures they do to help one another when they think nobody is watching or their ability to give a smile when someone in their ‘circle’ needs one. These things come from you, our parents and we couldn’t be more grateful. Give yourselves a much deserved round of applause, the accomplishments our interns have made and will continue to make is because of you. Your determination to give your son/daughter every opportunity to achieve their dreams is why Prototypez exists. You are the shining example of what every parent should want to become. We’re in this together and I don’t think we could have a more amazing group of people to share this journey with. A huge THANK YOU to our parents, we appreciate you more than you know!!!

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