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We are so excited about some upcoming events and changes here at Prototypez! PLUS, SUMMER CAMP 2023 is right around the corner! Today we will celebrate the amazing JOY PROM 2023!!! WOW! Saturday at the M Casino was the special event! Some of our interns were in attendance and seriously, what a pleasure it was to join them. We arrived early to welcome our interns as they arrived, each attendant of Joy Prom had a host for the evening, to make sure that they had everything they needed for their special night. When the girls were ready, they were treated to some pampering, hair and makeup, glitter and tiaras! The boys received a top hat and shoe shine. After that, they walked the red carpet, surrounded by photographers and fans to cheer them on to prom. Long stemmed red roses all around. Dancing, dinner, photos, appearances from Disney Princesses, Super heros, Chance, the Golden Knights mascot and VGN cheerleaders, DJ, Balloons and just about anything else you can imagine to make this event pure magic for everyone involved. It was such a beautiful experience, we hope to go back every year and help out where we can. Please visit the Joy Prom Las Vegas FB page to see some highlights, a list of sponsors and volunteers for the event.

We are growing in the best ways possible! We are so excited about this Summer's program and we have some new staff, volunteers and interns to join in this exciting time!

Look for our interns to be out in the community filming various events and volunteering their time. As you know community outreach is so important to us and summertime is perfect to get involved!

Our Summer Camp schedule will be released in the next few weeks and will begin at the start of June. As always, we will have classes and sessions for teens (12-18) and young adults (17 and up).

GAME NIGHT! This has become such an exciting event for our interns, families, staff and volunteers. Our April game night is this coming Friday, April 21. Plan to be there! We have some fun games and activities planned!

Game nights, Movie days, exciting new possibilities and things planned for the future! WOW! Our interns have really had a busy couple of months! They attended Therapy Blocks Movie Day Spring event in Green Valley, first seeing a movie with their family and friends then acting as hosts and ushers for the event. We were so proud to see the level of professionalism and courtesy the amazing Interns showed to each event attendee. Events like this teach such valuable lessons that can apply to so many different occupations. Movie Day was a huge success and it was incredible to see so many smiling faces!

Hosting their themed Game nights has really been a fun learning experience as well for our interns! We enjoy having our families join us for quality time and the game nights have been the perfect opportunity. Held on Friday evenings, once a month the interns turn our Prototypez building into an exciting night full of board games, bingo, interactive games, snacks and fun. Karaoke has turned out to be a favorite among everyone, actually bringing some of our more quiet interns into the spotlight, removing any bit of self consciousness or shyness. A great way to gain self confidence! We have a few talented singers and performers in our midst! Our game nights are not only designed to be a fun night with family and friends. As with everything we do, we make sure there are valuable lessons and skills to be picked up whenever possible. Even during a game of Bingo or singing with friends.

We are moving ahead with some very exciting plans, that we will make sure to keep everyone up to date on. Watch for some more events and some new classes. We will have our SUMMER CAMP beginning in June and hope to see everyone there. We've welcomed some new interns and volunteers into our Prototypez family and more will be joining us in the Summer. Remember, as we grow, we'll always know where our priorities are, to give our interns the individualized attention they deserve, the skills we can offer them to have confidence in their future and the ability to make their mark in the world when they're ready.

If you know anyone who wants to join the Prototypez family as an intern or volunteer, please don't hesitate to reach out to us by phone (702.339.8770) or email!

Toni, one of our amazing interns, Sings one of her favorites during Game Night at Prototypez!

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