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The interns are having a blast doing their own You-Tube show, The Prototypez Connection! Some of their class time has been devoted to producing it from start to finish and they're doing amazing! Each intern chose different jobs, that will switch out periodically to give everyone a chance to work in front of the camera and behind the scenes if they want too. So many amazing things coming up for our interns, Game Night, Weekly filming, getting ready for their spring dances and formals and probably in the next few months, our second annual Protochievement Awards ceremony!

Please remember if you know anyone that wants to be a part of Prototypez, either as an intern or volunteer, reach out to us! We're growing and would love to have more amazing people join us. Have a beautiful week!

Fun and exciting things coming VERY soon! Tonight our first video on our new You-Tube channel will be released! We've been so busy at Prototypez and can't wait to share all of the highlights with you! Our first GAME NIGHT was a huge success, January 20, our interns, staff, volunteers and friends got together at Prototypez and had an evening of board games, bingo, puzzles, food and fun. The Interns have made such good friends and have become so close that sharing a Friday evening together was very rewarding. Then Saturday, some of our beauties were in the Special Cameo Cinderella Pageant in Las Vegas. The interns had hair and makeup done and wore pretty dresses as they proudly walked across the stage with confidence. Each one of our interns won a Princess Crown and two walked out with Queen titles. We're very proud!

FINALLY! Tonight we launch our You-Tube channel! The interns will learn by hands on experience filming, directing, light, sound, editing and marketing their channel. Our first interview will be with none other than the President and Founder of Prototypez, Thom! Make sure you subscribe and watch weekly for new episodes, we're sure you will love having a glimpse into what we do at Prototypez.

We have some exciting things happening with Prototypez... It looks like our interns will have their own You-Tube channel! The Prototypez Connection will have weekly or bi-weekly videos! Produced, edited, directed and on camera work will be done primarily by the interns. We will learn to use a green screen, on camera announcing and speaking, set decorating, directing, lighting, sound and editing the final video to post! As with everything we do, It's safety first. We will make sure to always teach internet and social media safety to them as we move forward with our You-Tube channel and social media presence. This gives our interns a chance to learn their tech skills and show them off to you! Editing has been added back into our classes for 2023, the Interns loved it when we offered it before and now, they will have an active hand in editing their own show!

Inclusion is one of our top goals of Prototypez, we imagine a world where our interns and everyone with special needs can be confident and capable of reaching their goals. We believe in our interns and their talent!

We will also be adding design and graphics back into our program for the new year. Our interns have shown to be extremely creative! We will use different mediums, have projects that will work with things other than a computer. Even do some product design and learn how to promote them as well! Typing, coding, job interview skills, life skills, roleplay career days, field trips, event planning....WOW! Our interns will have a busy New Year AND learn so many helpful things about future goals and careers! If you know anyone interested in being a part of Prototypez, please don't hesitate to reach out to us!

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