SO many new faces and exciting new things to learn! Our interns, both teens and young adults, created their first fictional companies with the theme being Lemonade. We went through the process of choosing interns to fill each position, creating the ads, naming their business, shooting a commercial, figuring out the cost and expenses, promotion, etc. WOW! Talk about a crash course in being in the workplace. Each intern took their chosen positions very seriously and made sure they learned what each job would include and did it to the best of their ability. We're so proud of the teamwork and cooperation we've watched in each classroom. So many more lessons are being learned in addition to workplace skills and that's exactly what our goal is for Prototypez.

Week one of our Prototypez Summer Camp 2022 is an amazing success!! WOW! We have most of our interns returning from last year and so many new faces! Just this week we engaged in activities to build teams and cooperation, learned to punch in and out with our time cards, started creation on our work badges, made friends and had so many smiles our faces hurt. We have the most incredible group of interns this year and Im so excited to watch their progress and see what great things lie ahead for them. Have a safe and Happy Weekend Everyone!!

So our Summer session is gearing up to be incredible! The location is perfect and the finishing touches are being added. Our instructors are finalizing their class plans and our Interns are signing up left and right. We have an Open House that will be held at the new location on Saturday, June 4 from 1-3. We're so excited to meet everyone and show the new classrooms.

We are also getting the special sessions schedule together, our interns are going to get crafting to create new things for the Prototypez online store. We will make sure to take plenty of photos and videos of the Summer Sessions to share here and don't forget that we still have a few openings up for both the teen and young adult classes.