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Las Vegas Nevada

Pahrump Nevada

Next we create a individualized Work Plan (IWP) that the client, family members, and staff agree to.  We work with OT's, PT's, SLP's as well as various companies to create ample job training and environments for sustainable employment. 


We personalize each interns unique situation and possible challenges to give them the best opportunity for future success. Major Technology, Retail, Restaurants, and Hotel Companies work directly with Prototypez to help create free, high level training in todays ever-changing job markets. 

​Our President is Thomas Bowen, Owner of Therapy Blocks. He's worked with special needs children since 2012. Gigi Aranas-Bowen, a R.N. is our VP of Operations and Development.  Marti Rayner is our Executive Director and the mother of special needs children who worked in the foster care system for 15 years. 


We dedicate the time necessary to work with young adults diagnosed with disabilities and special challenges to create work plans that align with their abilities and dreams for a long term professional career.  This comes at no cost to our interns or their families. 

Through our training programs and camps, we staff qualified instructors who have a unique blend of backgrounds, trades and skills.  They teach specialized classes and workshops in areas such as editing, photography, marketing, design, coding, fitness and nutrition and even social and job related workday skills.  

Our first step is to introduce our clients and family members to the various training programs we offer. A complete evaluation will be made which will help us place the client in the classes best suited for them


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